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3 Things to Avoid in the Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales

3 Things to Avoid in the Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales

Black Friday and its online counterpart, Cyber Monday have always been associated with a desire to make the most of reductions and sale prices while getting bombarded with offers. It’s easy to be tempted to overspend and it’s important to ensure you only buy what you need. We’ve got some tips to help.

Here are 3 things that you should avoid in the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales this year:

  1. ‘Non-branded’ heavily discounted items

Many stores will try to lure customers in with prices and offers that sound way too good to be true. Unfortunately, they probably are. These are known within the industry as “door-busters”. Many of these gadgets will be low-end models that don’t match up to their high-end counterparts. Some might even score relatively low in their product reviews. In fact, many retailers will have gadgets specially manufactured just for Black Friday so that they can make the price seem heavily discounted.

  1. Things you don’t need

Retailers will often entice customers to spend money by offering discounts on items that are too good to pass up, and you unintentionally begin to feel that you need that item. In addition, once you’re in the store, or on the website, you are likely to make other sale purchases that you may not have intended to make. To avoid these impulse buys, why not make a list of what you actually need and only stick to this. If you’re shopping for tech items, be sure to include model numbers or specific product names to ensure that you get all the features and functionality that you actually want, rather than being swayed by a low price on a lower quality item. If you didn’t need it in the first place, is it really a bargain?

  1. Winter goods

Although there may be some discounting on winter clothing and Christmas accessories during Black Friday/Cyber Monday, the best deals for these products can almost always be found in the January sales – providing you can wait that long. But if you plan in advance, you’ll be well stocked for next year!

So, just remember to avoid deals that seem too good to be true, keep impulse purchases to a minimum and make sure you look into the best times to really get your discounts – it might not necessarily be on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

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